Cyber Safety Awareness


1. Keep your devices up to date.

Having the latest technology helps you combat viruses, malware, and other online threats. We suggest turning on automatic updates to receive the newest fixes available.


2. Stay alert for Phishing attempts.


Do not open any emails, links, or SMS that seem fraudulent. Hey Forex will always communicate with you through our domain “[email protected]” and will never request information such as bank details or passwords over the phone. If you are suspicious, you may email Hey Forex support to request confirmation of the information we have requested from you.

3. Keep private information private.

Hackers thrive on finding information such as passwords or credit/debit card information. Make sure you never hand this type of information out!


4. Secure your internet connection.

Always be cautious about what information you are sending over public Wi-Fi networks, particularly payments.

5. Download from reliable sources.

Only download the necessary software from verified sources. Downloading unknown software may result in viruses or malware on your device.

6. Check the website’s security.

Browsers do a great job at detecting whether a website is fraudulent or not. This can be checked by viewing the URL bar. If a padlock icon is there, the connection is secure and the website may be viewed.

If the URL indicates as unsecure, make sure to exit immediately and make sure you are accessing


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