How can I prevent e-mails from going into my Spam folder? Outlook Account


 Important Note 1

Please make sure that you filter your e-mail account settings so that our e-mail is “safe listed” so that you will always receive our emails in your primary inbox and eliminating the chance of our e-mails going into your spam or junk folders.

To be able to set our e-mails as safe in your Outlook or Hotmail account, you will need to: 

1. Access your Outlook/Hotmail account. 

2. Navigate to the “Junk Email” folder on the left side. 

3. Click on our e-mail. 

4. Click on the “It’s not junk” button at the top of the e-mail.

5. Click “Report” so that Outlook will acknowledge that our e-mails are safe. 


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