Taking a screenshot on PC.


 Taking a screenshot on a Windows device.


To take a quick screenshot on your Windows device, simply tap the keyboard shortcut Alt + PrtScrn. 

This will snap your active window/application & copy it to the clipboard. 


You can send the screenshot directly by pasting it in the chatbox or email. 


If you wish to save the screenshot before you send it, you will need to paste the screenshot into an image editor such as Paint & save it afterward. 



Taking a screenshot on a Mac device.


Taking a screenshot on Mac is very straightforward.

Simply tap Shift + Command + #4 on your keyboard to open capture mode. Click and hold your left mouse button & drag the cursor to select which part you would like to take a shot of & confirm by releasing the left mouse button. 


If you want to cancel the screenshot, simply tap Esc.

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