What are the Types of ID Documents I can Provide?


 For Identity verification, you can provide us with either;


1. Passport

2. Drivers License

3. Residence Documentation

4. National Identity Card


Please Note: Temporary residence permits “are not accepted” as proof of identification. 


Our guidelines;

– Must state your Date of Birth.

– It needs to be a document issued by the Government. 

– We need to have the front and back of the document.

– Must be able to see the full document. “All four corners and not cropped”.

– You need to be at least 18 years of age.

    If we identify that you are underage,  your account will be suspended immediately.

– Document cannot be expired, must still be valid/in date.

– Cannot be a screenshot from a computer or mobile device.

– Please ensure the document is not password protected.


– File format: JPEG or PNG files only.


Please note: Tampered/Edited documents will be denied.


Acceptable document:

– All four corners of the document are visible.

– It’s clear and readable.

– Nothing is edited.

Not Acceptable:

  • We do not accept cropped documents.



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