What are your Leverage Options?


We offer the following leverage options, varying from 1:20 to 1:500 :


Forex: 1:500

Metals: 1:200

Cryptos*: 1:100
Stocks: 1:20

Indices: 1:200 

Energies: 1:200


* Note: The leverage for the cryptocurrency SHBUSD1000 is 1:30.


Kindly note, that Leverage options for accounts with an equity of 500K or more are as follows:


Stocks: 1:20
Cryptos: 1:50
Metals: 1:50
Indices: 1:50 
Energies: 1:50
Forex:  1:200

Further to the very recent volatility in the Silver market, the margin requirement for Silver (XAGUSD) has increased.


In order to safeguard our clients and their funds, the leverage in XAGUSD will be reduced to 1:100 this Thursday, February 4th, 2021 from market opening. Whilst this may change, further notifications will be shared to keep our Traders informed.


Increased volatility has now been noticed in the Turkish Lira market. In efforts to safeguard our clients, we have decreased our leverage for the pairs to 1:50.



* The leverage options offered are subject to change due to possible volatile situations in the market for different Instruments. 


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