How can I Withdraw my funds?


You need to:

1. Click on “Withdraw”.

2. Choose “Bitcoin (BTC)”.

3. Enter the wallet and amount you would like to withdraw.

4. Click “Request Withdrawal”

5. Confirm your withdrawal by clicking on “Withdraw” or cancel by clicking on “Cancel”.

6. Enter the Bitcoin address provided by your wallet provider in the indicated field.

Please note: Please read the below information before actioning your withdrawal.

– Before requesting a withdrawal please check that you have entered the correct details.

– Only enter a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address.     

– Enter your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address.

– If you notice any errors, please notify our support department immediately to see if it is still possible to cancel the withdrawal request. 

– Providing incorrect details may result in the permanent loss of funds. 


Would you like to know how long a withdrawal takes? Click here.


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